April 13, 2018 - Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry

The intensive industrialization of animal farming practice worldwide poses serious pollution and health issues to the livestock and workers in the farms. The odour coming from urine and faeces of the animals produce ammonia gas, a putrefactive oxidative substance which causes respiratory stress for both the workers and the animals living under such conditions.

EM™ with its strong antioxidant effect has shown significant results in breaking up ammonia, accelerating the conversion of animal waste into manure compost, and prevent noxious odour. In the livestock industry where animals are raised in overcrowded conditions, spraying of EM at animal pens promotes the growth of other beneficial microbes, therefore improving the environment within the pens which in turn leads to a reduction of stress on the animals, higher quality milk, meat, eggs, and the suppression of diseases. EM•1® can also be mixed in the drinking water and feeds to promote overall health of the animals.

Benefits of EM for animal husbandry:

  • Suppresses foul odour in livestock sheds and septic tanks
  • Reduces stress factors for animals - decreases flies, ticks and other harmful insect populations
  • Enhances animal health – improve immunity against diseases
  • Increases quality of animal products and enhances shelf life
  • Improves animal fecundity
  • Getting high quality manure
  • Reduces use of regular medicines, antibiotics and disinfectants

Spray EM

EM Reduce ammonia level


1. Drinking

-Apply EM•1 (1:500 Dilution into drinking water).

-Drinking water should be change every day if EMAS is added into it.

2. Feeding

-Mix 1% to 3% of EM Bokashi into their feed once a week to increase intestinal micro flora. Hence increasing the digestive process and increase animal’s health

3. Spraying

-Apply 1:200 EMAS to Water Dilution around the shed and the wall once a week to reduce smell.

-if the smell still continue, Dilute 1:500 EM PB to Water and spray.

-Spraying onto the animals themselves does not cause any harm.

Published : 30-Oct-2018

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