October 30, 2015 - EM-Cera Sticker

Stick EM Ceramic anywhere you like !


Stickers infused with EM™ Ceramics. With two designs you can choose from, you can stick it on any surface you like.

The Effect of E-Cera Sticker indicated by LFA Electromagnetic Wave Measurement

Semiconductors are widely used for televisions, computers, mobile phones, microwaves ovens and etc. Electromagnetic wave emitted from them is said to have bad effect on the human body. E-Cera Sticker contains fine powder of EM Ceramics sealed by the special technique and lessen resonate in semiconductors. According to the result of LFA Electromagnetic Wave Measurement, although using mobile phones usually shows a lowering of immunity, E-Cera Sticker have an effect on heightening immunity.

Published : 30-Oct-2018

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