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Yes everyone, EMRO Malaysia is back with an EM event. Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!

The Lee Pineapple Co Pte Ltd has been operating since 1931 and has the support of the Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board (Johor).  Recently their water treatment-effluent pond has been giving off an offensive smell after the monsoon season, unfortunately disturbing nearby residents. This problem had occurred back in 2006.  This time, the issue has resurfaced due to the latest monsoon season.

We gave the following EM Application suggestion:
1.       EMAS (EM Activated Solution) ---------50L per day -10L/hour for 5 hours during production day
2.       PB (Phototropic bacteria)-------------5L per week -1L per day during production day
3.       EM Mudball-----------------15,000 pcs EM mudball  (twice per year)

We look forward to see positive feedback from EM Application!
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Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board (Johor)

Lee Pineapple Co Pte Ltd

Published : 4-Feb-2021

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