EM™ for Household



The widespread use of antiseptic cleaners and health products has come under closer scrutiny in recent years. These antibiotic products are designed to destroy all bacteria, whether they are beneficial or harmful. The healthy and beneficial microflora is what sustains biodiversity in our environments. Hence, the antiseptic approach of destroying all bacteria often worsens a situation by attempting to treat the symptoms rather than alleviating the cause. On the other hand, using the all-natural EM™ allows the microbial diversity to form alliances, which restrict and suppress the growth of the 'bad bugs'. This allows for a healthy defence system of the 'good bugs' to revitalize and refresh their environment. EM™ is designed to build strong probiotic alliances to form a healthy immune system for the soil, plants, animals, and humans. For creating a clean and healthy environment, we like to say that 'Nature Does It Best!'

Bleachers and synthetic detergents are commonly used to deal with ingrained g rease, stains and mould in house. However, their chemical components can be absorbed into the body through skin and cause physical problems such as an intestinal trouble and allergy. Moreover, they lead to an environmental pollution when they are flowed into rivers.

On the other hand, EM™ works great as environmentally-safe degreasers and all-purpose cleaners. It is especially useful as a cleaning or deodorizing agent due to its antioxidant qualities and ability to eat grease.

EM™ can be used to reduce and eliminate odour in carpets, furniture, trash, etc. It can also be used to used to clean windows, mirrors, toilets, tubs, flooring, etc.

EM can be used in our daily lives in many different ways. It can be sprayed in the bathrooms, kitchens and other parts of the house to remove unpleasant odors and suppress fungi growth. It can also be used in lawns and gardens to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables.

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