EM™ for Construction


Recently the issue of 'Sick House Syndrome' has arisen, and there is a greater awareness of the materials used in construction. If one inhales fumes from paint, new building materials and adhesives, one can get sick. Mould and house mites are also a factor in this illness.

In the construction industry, it is possible to enhance the functionality of materials though adding EM™ products. The building's durability will be improved, and in actual construction it's been shown that the damage caused by adhesives and organic solvents can be reduced. At present EM•1® and EM-X® ceramics are being used in concrete in actual construction, and numerous buildings and houses have been completed implementing the use of EM Technology™ in construction materials right from the design. The best example is the EM™ Wellness Center in Okinawa, Japan. Instead of tearing down the decrepit building, the concrete building materials were revitalized through the use of EM Technology™, and the Center itself has successfully become a leading architectural model.

Effects of EM™ for construction:

  • Strengthen the building physically and extend the life of the building
  • Reduces sick house syndrome
  • Creates the atmosphere good for human health
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